Friday, December 14, 2012

postheadericon Trained to Kill Kids?

I offer this commentary as the facts of the events surrounding the horrendous tragedy that occurred only hours ago resulting in the unthinkable killing of many young children at a Connecticut elementary school.

My view of this tragedy evolves from a multi-faceted perspective. I am as a retired U.S. Army Officer and criminal investigator with extensive background in prevention and investigation of crimes as well as criminal behavior.  And in recent years I serve as a child advocate, adjunct university professor.  But most importantly I am a father birth, adopted, step and foster children.

Many people are asking, “Why”, “What would cause anyone to take the lives of so many innocent children.” As I write many of the facts surrounding this heartbreaking tragedy are yet to be discovered. And while I am not a prophet my nearly forty years in the roles I shared above causes me to come to some troubling conclusions.

  • ·      The perpetrator(s) of this horrendous taking of life was immersed in a culture of death. Movies, music, games and much more were contributors.

  • ·      Chances are that the family setting from which the killer(s) was raised was problematic which include broken relationships, absence of a father figure, drug or alcohol abuse, and the lack of discipline.

There are other factors that I may share in the future. 

I mentioned a Culture of Death.  But in reality look at our society.  We are all living in this disturbing culture.  Life no longer has the value experience by passed generations. 

  • ·      Each day hundreds of acts of violence appear during prime time on our TV screens.
  • ·      Millions of unborn babies are murder in the U.S. and called, “a woman’s right to choose. 
  • ·      “Assisted suicide” is being promoted at being caring and the humane thing to do.

And I could name dozens of other contributors to our devolving culture.

I, like you, may feel hopeless at time.  Particularly when tragedy strikes.  But I can assure you that there are answer.  It is not found in academic institutions.  It is not found in government bodies.  It is not found in programs prompting non-violence.  The answer is found in a volume of sixty-six books that I often refer to in teaching graduate students.  It is a classic filled in wisdom and answers.  You probably have heard of it, The Holy Bible.

If this were a classroom and you were the student your homework would be:
1.     See answers from God through His divinely inspired writings of the Holy Bible.
2.     Read Kids Who Kill authored by Mike Huckabee.
3.     Read Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill by Lt Col Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano.

Class dismissed. 



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